We at Carla Cid de Diego are a Spanish luxury fashion brand that fuses art and fashion to create luxury wearable art and accessories for women and now men. Our product is handmade in Spain, it consists of one of a kind, unique pieces of wearable art. We collaborate with artists and artisans of many ranges and specialties, creatives who don't have the means or ways of showing their work internationally on their own, and through our brand they will be able to show their amazing creations everywhere. Our aim is to push the beauty, history and art of many cultures around the world through our creations, celebrating cultures through Fashion and Art.





A Spanish-American Fashion Designer , born in Spain but raised primarily in Miami, has always been immersed in the world of art, having been brought up amongst a family of artists. Heavily influenced by her father who is a celebrated sculptor and her mother a fabulous painter, both having worked extensively in the United States opera industry on the creation and design of the scenery for an array of productions.


At the age of 14 Carla enrolled in D.A.S.H (Design and Architecture Senior High) Miami, and began her training in Fashion Design. During her time at D.A.S.H she begun work with Duende Ballet Espanol, where she designed and created all the costumes for their performances.


Carla continued her training at F.I.T (Fashion Institute of Technology) New York, where she specialised in womenswear design. Much of her time was spent studying and training in the art of corsetry.

Carla Cid De Diego has been designing costumes since the age of 16 for a series of theatrical productions in the world of opera, theatre, ballet, musicals and circus. Including respected institutions such as the Florida Grand Opera, Duende Ballet Espanol and now the Frost Opera Theatre amidst many others. As well as working with great directors and producers, such as Jeffrey Buchman, Frederik Kaufmann and Carlos Fernandez de Castro.


As a result of this work, Carla Cid De Diego has been invited back to Miami, to take charge of the design and production of all the costumes for the first Spanish Opera production in Miami, “Ainadamar” in collaboration with the University of Miami. A spectacular opera based on the life and death of Federico Garcia Lorca.


All this has been accomplished whilst also working in womenswear for several companies in the U.S.A as well as Spain, such as Oh La La Cheri, Paris (Miami), Suite Blanco(Madrid), DBApparel(Madrid) , Playboy , Lee Cooper as well as many more brands which have approached her for her design expertise to design special collections for their companies.

Having accumulated experience across two continents and developed her unique style alongside this fusion of cultures, Carla Cid De Diego now wishes to do the same with her brand. Fuse her worlds together to create an unparalleled reality in which Fashion and Art, as well as Spanish and American cultures merge.





Silvia Elvira's extensive professional journey has always been influenced by art and design. In the public relations firm which was created in 1973 in Spain, she was designing alongside the great publicists of the time, such as Antonio Palacios, Luis Elvira and Zamorano, among others.

Her determined pursuit to actively participate in many facets of art gave her the opportunity to work for three years with the renowned film director Buñuel. “The work of this genius of cinematography opened my mind and taught me to better appreciate the beauty of the small, everyday things that surround us” . - Silvia Elvira


Her marriage to sculptor Cid de Diego immersed her in the passionate world of sculpture. Through her travels throughout the world, preparing the sculptor’s expositions, she encountered a great number of international artists who directly affected her, broadening her understanding of the many varying mediums of the visual arts.

In 1983, along with her husband, Ms. Elvira founded the GEF Group in Spain, a company dedicated to set design and construction, as well as decoration of large-scale international events, such as the EXPO ’92 in Seville. Her responsibilities were divided between overseeing the contracting department and doing the painting and finishing work on the company’s projects.

In 1993, Ms. Elvira and her husband expanded their business, creating the company Scene Stealer Design in Miami, Florida in the USA. Since that time, this new company has been producing set design, interior design and worked for major special events such as the EMMY Awards and the Miami Centennial. Ms. Elvira is responsible for all of the painting and finishes that each project requires, as well as participating in the majority of the designs and fabrication of the artistic pieces that the company creates.

Now, with a lifetime of experiences behind her, Silvia Elvira is General Coordinator of Carla Cid De Diego managing her many obligations by drawing on this experience.




Born December 24, 1942 in Valencia Spain, of a Castillian family.

While studying naval engineering, he taught himself to sculpt, which has been his calling since childhood, and which consumed him such that he gave himself to it completely.

" A gifted craftsman in drawing, his lines are almost photographic. He is one of the best craftsman I have ever known”, said His Excellency Admiral Manuel Guillén, Director of the Naval Museum in Madrid, where Cid de Diego completed his research.

For Cid de Diego, his drawing is nothing less than the perfect tool with which to give contour to his works. Cid de Diego thinks volume, sees volume, and dreams volume. Thus his captivation by the art form makes perfect sense.

The ancestral heritage of Cid de Diego has instilled in his character the sobriety and strong discipline of Castilla, which push him to take on metal, struggling with it ceaselessly until he masters it, shaping it with the brilliance, mental agility and inventiveness of Levante (eastern wind) and the Mediterranean, where Cid de Diego was born, lived and tasted life.

Two distinctly unique forces collaborated in the creation of this artist: his innate predisposition for art, and the technical knowledge acquired through his studies of engineering that can be so difficult and rare for an artist to acquire.

The result of all this is an artist who reveals himself as a cultivated, humanistic and technical man. In Cid de Diego is the soul of a renaissance man with an insatiable curiosity, capable of writing a poem, working with machinery, painting a canvas and carving a sculpture.


As such his latest adventure, along with his wire sculpture collection, is to collaborate with his daughter, Carla Cid De Diego, in her luxury collection, to truly fuse the worlds of art and fashion.


C A R L  C I D   DE   D I E G O